”This tune L.A.Dream makes me more and more addicted EVERY TIME I HEAR IT!
I’m hooked.”   – Rigoberto Kirkland

“I must say that Strange Ways caught my attention, incredible stuff.
keep on!”
– Dane Kinney

“‘Strange Ways’ … Love this tune, it’s pure magic!!”
– Freeman

“hi i have to admit that ‘Strange ways’ is the best of your n1m musiclist as far as i can see you’ve got a lot of potential to make it really big one day! I’ll support you ’till the end.”
– Denis Pasyer

“Heyyyy I’ve shared your Strange ways on N1M charts. You’re making your way up!”
– Ken Rogan

“Can’t get enough of Strange ways. Love It and will be replayed many many times in my list of favourites!!!!!!”
– Armand Hays

“your music is worth buying it and it’s like suddenly nothing else is worth listening to, personally I still like buying the physical copy )) I have just shared your n1m page with all my friends on fb. Sell at least a MILLION!”
– Stevie

“Love the music and you are one of my favorites! Your music is so catchy!
I can’t wait until your next track is released! Please upload it immediately and let me know asap! BEST!”

– Stan Short

“I will be waiting for the next fabulous tune! Much respect to U.”
– Blaine

“your tunes are simplistic. Easy to digest. Radio friendly. I am a huge fan and have been since I discovered you. I will continue to support you and recommend you to friends. I appreciate the hard work you put forth.”
– Monty Burks

“Strange ways another great song by you…No retreat, no surrender !”
– Jack

“remember bumping my addiction to Strange Ways and turning all my customers on to your music. I am sure you are making it big. Keep it on”
– Marian Morgan

“I just saw your profile again and I have to say that your music is pure brilliance. The sound, style and originality it came together really well and I really liked it. I really enjoyed it. Thanks. ‘There’s no love in fear…'”
– Nora Galyardt

“hello! I know it’s hard to be successful as independent but i can see that you have enough talent to make all your dreams come true! I wish you all the best and stay blessed! We Fans will support you and I’ll spread the word as much as i can! Blessed beyond measure and happy to bless others! Each day is a gift another day to get and give love to others and be thankful for even the smallest of moments!”
– Quincy Lee

“hey! this is the best music i’ve heard on n1m so far…please stay in touch, i want to follow your updates. all the best.”
– D.J. Greatdane

“Right now Im listening to Strange Ways Excellent!! Good Production!!”
– Kathlene Wetmore

“I love your music! You have an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing!”
– Stephane

“Good job keep it up! I really like your music especially L.A.Dream I hope you will find your way to MEGA success sooner or later.”
– Brianna Green

“This song has a very gloomy feeling at the start, and makes you think and reflect on life. I like how the guitar isnt too loud but just sets the mood, as if a story is about to be told. The tempo used also sets the mood, and the simple texture. The actual notes played make the piece slightly magical, as if it takes you back in time”
– SoundOut review

“Rock in roll is back to stay melody has ear catching punch to warmth feel to the soul. The instruments accomplish each other in a positive, full and rich way of excitement. I love to rate this track a beautiful 7 for heath warm melody”
– SoundOut review (White Rhapsody)

“The guitar on this os absolutely beautiful. I really like it. It could definitely be the backbone to amazing lyrics.If they never add lyrics though I would love to sit back and lsiten to this beautiful melody over and over again. It is just beautiful and soothing.”
– SoundOut review (White Rhapsody)

“Awesome track! I love the conflict between a soft and hard and how the soft ness progresses into more intense noises. i like how the track has no vocals as it gives the instruments a chance to shine. he melody is nice and the sounds all harmonise together well. As this track is well recorded, produced and mixe it could be used for TV adverts or any sort of advert really. Cool track!”
– SoundOut review (White Rhapsody)

“Elements of metal, rock and alternative played in this instrumental track. At first it sounded almost like Enter Sandman by Metallice and then it picked up towards the middle of the song. Movies, television, and other places could use a song like this. It’s pretty good.”
– SoundOut review (White Rhapsody)

“Deep and mysterious intro, slow and sultry. A very beautiful instrumental that tells a story and carries the listener along on a journey. The “verses” and “chorus” are well seperated, helping the listener to follow, but it flows so smoothly and effortlessly. The “bridge” section is beautiful as well. The guitarist is very talented and a fantastic musician. The end is odd but fitting.”
– SoundOut review (White Rhapsody)